Datexim is an innovative company founded in 2011, specialized in medical imaging. Inspired by imaging technology in fighting cancer, we are committed to improve pathologist practice by making disease detection faster, simpler and more precise.

Winner of the nationwide award “OSEO Creation and Development” in 2012, our company now offers:



Jean-Hugues Pruvot, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

While working on his PhD in Image Processing at the University of Caen, Jean-Hugues saw the potential for bringing new technology to the medical imaging industry. He founded Datexim with his business partner, Arnaud Renouf, in 2011. His vision and talent for management have brought him success in running innovative businesses for the past 9 years.

Arnaud Renouf, PhD

COO & Co-founder

Dealing with strategic partners and scientific leaders, Arnaud brings Datexim’s innovations in computer-aided pathology to clients around the world. Arnaud completed a PhD in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Caen, before obtaining 10 years of experience as the CTO of Siriade and Datexim.

Anatoli Tkatchenko

Sales director

With 20 years of experience in the medical device industry, Anatoli brings his management skills to Datexim’s marketing and sales. Anatoli has a Master of Economics from the University of Toronto, and previously held the position of Chief Commercial Officer at DORC (a top supplier of equipment for ophthalmic surgery), and also served as the General Manager of Bausch+Lomb in Central Europe.

Cyril Bazin, PhD


Cyril joined Datexim in 2011, shortly after completing a PhD in image processing from the University of Caen. Combining expertise in agile development management with a deep knowledge of advanced medical imaging processing, Cyril now manages all product development at Datexim.

François-Xavier L’Ecuyer


With experience at EY, Bouygues, Dutch Expansion Capital, and LeoDev, François-Xavier is an expert in innovative company development, dealing with long-term financing and financial control. François-Xavier holds a dual Master’s Degree from Supélec Graduate School of Engineering and from ESCP Europe Business School.

Elizabeth Crowell, PhD

Quality Assurance Manager

With 9 years of experience in biology and microscopy, Elizabeth understands our clients’ priorities. She ensures that every medical device put on the market by Datexim is user-friendly and safe for patients. As an American citizen, Elizabeth also plays a key role in the international development of Datexim. Elizabeth has a Master in biotechnology, a PhD in cell biology from Paris XI University, and previously managed image analysis projects at the Pasteur Institute.


David Lelouvier

Advisory Board

David brings 15 years of experience to Datexim in international management and operations management. In 2008, he became COO at Moversa in Vienna, Austria, a Sony and NXP joint venture. Since 2010, David has been involved in the acceleration of innovative companies, and co-founded Birch Caring Ventures, DEC France, and LeoDev. David is an engineering graduate from Telecom Paris, has a Master in electronics from the University of Caen, and a corporate MBA from Ashridge Business School.


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