Reliable and cost efficient solution to perform collective Pathology reviews.
Perform Collective Pathology Reviews from anywhere with any device

Whether for diagnostic purposes or for training, VirtualMultihead™ empowers you to perform collective reviews from anywhere. Our secured connection via the web ensures your whole slide images are available instantaneously for review, and your patient data remains confidential. VirtualMultihead™ offers an unparalleled virtual microscopy experience. Zoom in and scan through your slide as easily as with a conventional microscope. With VirtualMultihead™, your colleagues on the other side of the world see the same perfectly synchronized image as you do. Each participant in the session can point out areas of interest in the slide using our proprietary pointer tool. The voice or videoconference can be done in parallel using any modern technology or a simple telephone.

A time and cost efficient solution

VirtualMultihead™ will save you time and money. Reach a consensus without the costs of travel or the burden of scheduling face-to-face meetings. With VirtualMultihead™ , there is no need to purchase and maintain an expensive multihead microscope. A basic computer and internet connection are all you need. VirtualMultihead™ enables collective reviews to be performed faster and more often, a benefit for you and your patients. Our unique technology eliminates administrative tasks and lets you spend time on what is important to you. Our economic model shows significant savings are gained in transitioning to VirtualMultihead™. After only one year of use, your lab or teaching institution will save money.



1597 - Multi-Head Microscope Simulation To Tackle Diagnostic Discordance on Mesothelioma Difficult Cases

Julien Pontoizeau, Celine Lize-Dufranc, CNR MESOPATH Panel, Arnaud Renouf, Gaetane Blaizot, Annabelle Gilg Soit Ilg, Francoise Galateau -Salle. CHU, Caen, Normandy, France; DATEXIM, Caen, Normandy, France; French National Health Institute, Saint Maurice, Ile de France, France.

Conclusions : Full-web technology brings secured, immediate and direct access to slides and virtual multi-head functionality allows pathologists to exchange rapidly on difficult cases in order to tackle diagnostic discordance. The accessibility provided by this technology is an advantage really appreciated by pathologists because they can use it anywhere on any device (even on tablets) avoiding them to be on a dedicated workstation. Virtual meetings can be easily and more often organized, reducing the time to diagnosis on discordant cases.

“The simple and efficient solution that our telepathology network was looking for. Browsing through virtual slides is fast and smooth, with accessibility anywhere on any device, strongly reducing the time required for a collegial expertise on difficult cases.”

Professor, Head of Pathology Department - University Hospital, CAEN, FRANCE

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For research use only. Not for diagnostic purposes. Please read the User’s Guide.

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The development of VirtualMultihead™ was funded in part by the European Union. Europe supports the Normandy region through the European Funds for Regional Development.